Accredited broker

TullAssistans is a customs broker accredited by the Swedish Customs Authorities for services to companies trading abroad. We were granted accreditation in 1994 when the company was founded and granted a customs credit, nowadays named a deferred payment permit.

To be able to get a deferred payment permit with the Swedish Customs Authorities, some form of financial security is required. In collaboration with Swedbank, TullAssistans has submitted a bank guarantee for our operation to the Customs Authorities.

Since TullAssistans is a holder of a so-called deferred payment permit it means that we, as customs brokers, can let our clients make use of our credit with the Customs Authorities for dealing with customs tariffs on our clients’ imported goods.

TullAssistans has received a Quality Certification from the Swedish Customs Authorities. All of our customs routines have been certified and we hold a AEOF (full) certificate. TullAssistans has also been certified according to standard ISO 9001:2015.