We work as VAT representatives for a number of overseas companies and groups that are VAT-registered in Sweden because of the nature of their operations. We compile VAT returns for these clients as the details are sent in to us. Generally it’s a matter of overseas companies supplying materials to Sweden after the construction or installation has been completed within Sweden so that a turnover operation takes place and a value is seen as being added in Sweden and the foreign supplier thus liable to pay Swedish VAT. One example of this kind of operation is so-called turnkey projects where the overseas company has undertaken delivery of finished and fully functional machine plant at a purchaser’s premises in Sweden.

We deal with the registration of newly taxable clients, monitoring the VAT-liable transactions in our clients’ Swedish operations during the return period and we compile and submit our clients’ VAT declarations.

We also look after all necessary contacts between authorities and both purchasers and suppliers to ensure our overseas clients get correct treatment as regards value-added taxation.