Other matters


In all trade and commerce it’s essential to investigate and assess the risks involved. Our operation is no exception. As we work with information which forms the basis for decisions on what duties and taxes our clients must pay to different authorities, it’s essential that we assess and cover the risks we take in a satisfactory way.

At TullAssistans we constantly meet new challenges that require new solutions within our designated fields. It is the quality and accuracy of our work that can limit the risks involved in our operation. We always check the information that forms the basis of our work one more time – to always be on the safe side.


TullAssistans has insurance against responsibility for financial damages caused to a client by mistakes in dealings if they were caused by us.

In collaboration with our insurance company, Länsförsäkringar, we have designed a policy that covers up to 5 MSEK on each separate occasion damages are payable.


The nature of our operations places high demands on confidentiality since we deal with company details of a confidential nature.

At TullAssistans our staff always work closely together with our clients and take a personal responsibility for confidentiality and continuity in all contacts.